Loneliness (2016)

Check out my latest single, “Loneliness”! It beautifully combines a mix of blues,

Can Not Get Now (2015)

The single "Can Not Get Now" is a powerful mixture of ska-jazz, soul, and funk styles

So What (2014)

"So What" album is a mix of Jazz-Rock and Soul music styles, recorded in 2014 by



Philip Kijas Jazz-Rock Band - Ne Me Laisse Pas - Live at Acoustic Line Recording Studio. The band performs live one of the best songs from "So What" studio album (2014). The decision to choose the right studio with great acoustics have

My Bio

The band began as a classic rhythm & blues project. Our new style tends toward a more fusion-like sound due to our willingness to experiment with mixing and recording; we also love the styles of blues, soul, funk, nu-jazz, Latin, and rock, and incorporate them into our music.

2012 - 2014

In late 2012, the band transformed into Philip Kijas’ solo project.  A year later, the album “So What” was released, which originally consisted of 9 tracks.  In 2014, the band played at the annual international “Petrojazz Jazz Festival” where it received favorable reviews from critics.

2015 - 2016

In the beginning of 2015, the single “Can Not Get Now” was released. The song was recorded in PRS Saint-Petersburg recording studio. The track has received several positive reviews from professionals, as well as being aired on the radio in the US, Belgium, France, and Russia. In 2016, the band released the brand new single “Loneliness”.